MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


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MED-ENEC Final Event

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Accelerating &  Scaling up  Energy  Efficiency in  the MENA Region : Road to COP22

                             MED-ENEC Final Event - Tunis - 27 October 2016

1- Conference Concept Note

2- Conference Agenda

3- Opening Presentation - Key achievements and the way forward to boost & accelerate EE in the region - Dr. Kurt Wiesegart - Team leader of EU-MED-ENEC

Session 1: Energy Efficiency - a Key Element for Climate Change Mitigation with Multiple Co-benefits for the Region

4- Session 1 - Concept Note

5- Contribution of EE towards CC mitigation at global level - John DULAC - International Energy Agency

6- Contribution of EE towards CC mitigation at regional level - Samir Amous -Energy & Climate Change Expert - Tunisia

Session2: Policies needed to make EE a priority for governments, businesses and citizens

7- Session 2 - Concept Note

8- Putting EE on the top priority agenda of the Arab region - Ashraf Kraidy – Energy Department, League of Arab States

9- Tunisia: s success Story in implementing EE policies in the region - Fethi Hanchi - EE Director, ANME - Tunisia

Session 3: Stimulating EE investments in the region: What’s missing?

10- Session 3 - Concept Note

11- Barriers to EE investments in the region - Riadh Bhar - Energy Expert , ECOFYS - Germany

12- How to stimulate EE investment in the region - Romano Pehar - Principal, Energy Efficiency & Climate Change, EBRD

Session 4: Towards mobilizing energy efficiency’s potential through increasing regional and international collaboration

13- Session 4 - Concept Note

14- Role of regional and international cooperation in boosting EE - Zoe Lagarde - International Partnership for EE Cooperation “IPEEC”

15- Impacts of regional and international cooperation in boosting EE in the region - Zitouni Ould-Dada - Head of Technology Unit, UNEP

16- Sustainable Building Initiative in Hot Climate under Global Alliance for Building and Construction - Christelle BEDES - International Project Manager, ADEME - France

Closing Session

17- Conclusions & recommendations - Kawther Lihidheb, Business development & financing Key Expert – MEDENEC