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On this page MED-ENEC provides two databases (completely free of charge) for businesses and individuals to search for business partners and financing opportunities.

Search the Business Database.

Search the Finance Database.

To register in the MED-ENEC databases please go to registration.

Which advantages does the searchable online database offer your company?

  • The MED-ENEC searchable online database is a virtual marketplace or industry-specific business directory ('Yellow Pages') for all products and services related to energy efficient construction in the MENA region. The portal enables companies to look for potential cooperative partners and allows them to advertise their own products and services range - all free of charge.
  • The target group consists of suppliers and demanders of products (such as thermal insulation materials, windows, building components, HVAC technology, lighting, building services and so on) and service providers (architects, project management and consultancy).
  • The registration only takes a couple of minutes, yet it could open the door to new markets and business partners for you.

Who has registered with the online portal so far?

  • Up to now, more than one hundred suppliers hailing from various sectors of energy efficient construction have joined the database.
  • MED-ENEC directly contacts other suppliers based in the EU and countries bordering the Mediterranean, advising them of the services this business-to-business online portal offers.

How many visitors does the website/online portal attract?

  • So far, the website has attracted an average of around 600 visitors a month. More than 50 percent of these are prospective clients from the 10 cooperating countries and around a third are based in EU countries. The database is, however, also starting to attract the attention of an increasing number of visitors from elsewhere.
  • The number of the database search function users continues to grow. During the coming months, the volume of interested visitors is bound to significantly increase due to an active advertising campaign.

What happens to your company data?

  • Your portfolio's product area and your company's contact details are freely accessible to any interested parties.
  • Apart from the search function, MED-ENEC complies with all aspects of the data protection act. The data is not used for any other purposes such as mailshots or newsletters, and, of course, will also not be made available to any third parties.