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MED-ENEC Publishes its New Brochure “Financing Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector in MENA Region"

The recent publication of the EU-MED-ENEC Project on Financing Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector is now available online. This is the 9th of MED-ENEC’s series of publications on energy efficiency issues. This brochure addresses the importance of financing investments in energy efficiency and highlights various experiences on the regional and international levels.

Given the huge amounts of upcoming investment costs, governments worldwide see a high potential in investing in the reduction of energy demand to save future costs. Increasing energy efficiency, especially on the consumption side, is, therefore, the major measure to satisfy the needs of tomorrow. Saving energy means saving on investment costs for new power plants and thus a reallocation of government budgets.            

This new brochure is available on our website at the "Publications" section.

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