MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


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Large Building Programmes

Large Building Programme

MED-ENEC focuses on Energy Efficiency (EE) in the construction sector. During phase I the pilot projects proved the technical feasibility of energy saving individual buildings. However the financial feasibility was not yet satisfying in many cases and an important lesson learnt was that there are high transaction costs for these single projects.

To overcome the economic barriers, the second phase of MED-ENEC addresses Large Building Projects. New urban developments provide a wide range of opportunities for improving EE, from zoning, urban planning, architectural design, construction and installation technologies many steps can taken to reduce the energy consumption cost and CO2 emissions. The economies of scale provide cost benefit advantages and allow for new business development in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.

The Large Building Projects, whether developed by the public or private sectors, include urban planning aspects, neighborhood development (a residential or multi-functional - mixed commercial - setting), architectural design, construction detailing, execution and verification of the actual results through monitoring.

Awareness campaigns to promote the energy saving achievements of the project can be developed with MED-ENEC assistance.

Furthermore, MED-ENEC can assist 5 Projects in the framework of ‘Large Building Project’ aiming at technical support for energy efficiency measures of presented projects to the largest possible extent.

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