MED-ENEC - Energy Efficiency in the Construction Sector in the Mediterranean


External cooperation programmes - European Commission

Objectives, Activities & Outputs


“To develop the markets for EE and RE in the Building sector and related industrial and services activities within the Mediterranean Partner Countries”


  • Improve framework conditions.
  • Develop business and technology cooperation.
  • Build institutional capacities and offer Technical training.
  • Support awareness campaigns.
  • Initiate and promote success stories through pilot projects.
  • Intensify networking among actors.


Result 1: Policy dialogue with relevant Ministries, energy utilities, EE agencies and other important public and private stakeholders is reinforced, and networking with MED-EMIP and other relevant actors and donors extended.

Result 2: Tangible evidence of potential for EE/RE in ENPI South available and market barriers/failures and high transaction cost mitigated for suppliers in ESPC.

Result 3: Financing/Funding schemes and good practices for Financial Support Programmes for EE/RE are identified/documented and ready for implementation in ESPC.

Result 4: Awareness and capacity of stakeholders such as utilities, industries, the service sector (including banks), municipalities and consumers increased in the framework of large public or private Building Programmes.

Result 5: Knowledge Management is realised and access to information/ training is facilitated.